Find your First Job


Finding you first job inevitably requires you to go through five successive phases:

1 – Starting your job search:

Your first reflex will be of course to visit dozens of job sites. When browsing and reading the first offers, you might be disappointed by the description of the positions that don't match your skills or the requirements of the employers who ask for a number of years of experience that you do not have. Don’t give up! Everyone goes through this phase so find the courage to persevere.

2 – Selecting your Fields of Research

If you do not find offers that match your skills, it is best to expand your search fields to encompass some related areas. For example, if your first search targeted 'Psychology', you can expand them to personal development and/or coaching.

3 - Your First Interviews

This is where you really have to hold on your motivation. You should gather as much information as you can on the position and the company and prove to the person interviewing you that you're 'the man' or 'the woman' he is looking for.

4 – Your First Offers

Finally! You have your first offers. Remember that the wages you are offered can be different from what you expect at the beginning of your career. Expect to start at the bottom of the pay scale and climb the ladder step by step, because salary is proportional to experience.

5 – Negotiations

 The absence or lack of professional experience places you in a rather fragile situation when it comes to the negotiations. However, some studies have shown that negotiating few-thousand dollars more can add up to one million more in total earnings over the course of your career. So even if the offer is lower than you expected, an offer is an offer. Always be gracious and express excitement before you begin to discuss details.